What to Wear Tips


First and foremost, these photographs are all about you. That means they should convey your personality and style preferences. If you're earthy and casual, stick with that. If you prefer glitz and glam, play it up. It's important to be yourself during your session, so wear something that reflects you. Word to the wise: If you wear something you'd typically never put on, you'll probably feel uncomfortable.

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With that said, you can still amplify your personal style by playing with colors and textures. Find a nice mix of neutral colors and then add a few pops where you can. For example, a bright red shirt underneath a gray cardigan paired with well fitted jeans will stand out. Or try khaki with splashy blue and green accents. Don't be afraid to play with texture, either. Fuzzy furs, flowing fabrics and starchy denim make for great photos.


 A few nights before your session, lay out all the clothes you'll wear. Make sure everything is pressed, ironed and clean. It's also a good idea to get a quick manicure (guys, too!), trim, wax or do whatever it is you do to polish up.

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Feel free to bring multiple accessories to play with throughout your session. We love hats, jewelry, shoes, hair barrettes or bands, ties, watches and anything else you can think of. These details can make your session really stand out.

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