Thank You BCA

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BCA Teachers & Staff! THANK YOU!

* Thank you for 10 years of loving, teaching, and caring for Weston and Taylor!

* Thank you for the many ways you've poured into them and supported our family.

* Thank you for providing them with a safe, affirming space to learn, grow, and play.

* Thank you for the peace of mind you gave us as working parents.... it was truly priceless!

* Thank you for being a happy place when the world was sad. 

As a small token of our deep appreciation and gratitude, we'd like to offer each BCA teacher a free family portrait session courtesy of Rhett Jones Jr. Photography on one of the dates listed below. 


The Jones Family


Lake Merritt Gardens

15 minutes Family Session

Sunday October 30th

9 AM - 11:45 AM

666 Bellevue Ave, Oakland 94610

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McLeods's 3x3 Fun Box

Fun Box Portrait

15 minute session

Sunday October 16th

1 PM - 4 PM

3810 Malcolm Ave, Oakland 94605

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