School Photography Services

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We offer several school photography options to meet your needs. Services include traditional portraits, a unique Fun Box portrait, event photography and open air photo booth rental. Each service can be conducted onsite in either an indoor or outdoor location.

We Make It Easy For You

1) Choose the Best Day for You

You know your school and students. Choose the day that works best for your schedule. We're flexible and can work around your schedule. 

2) Give Us A List

Just provide the children's name, classroom, parent's email and number. We'll handle the rest. 

3) We Will Handle the Orders

No need to track down orders forms or deal with money envelopes! And if A parent has an issue, they can contact us to quickly resolve it. 

4) Choose Your Delivery

Want to save parents on shipping? We'll drop off a pre-sorted bulk order to you. Don't like distributing pictures? Let us know, and we'll ship each order directly to parents. 

Why Parents Love It

Private Galleries

We provide a private, password protected gallery for each student. Parents can view and place orders from their gallery.

Affordable Downloads

Parents don't like buying expensive prints just because that's the only way to get digitals. We allow Parents to simply purchase all the digitals for $65 per gallery.

Great Images

We strive to capture children at their best. Every image is reviewed and touched up. Parents will love their child's image.

Use Access Code: schoolsample

"This year's pictures of Seamus are phenomenal! He does not like getting his picture taken and often makes smirky faces to express his discomfort, but you must have been very patient or done some jedi mind trick on him because he looks adorable and natural! Fantastic work Rhett. We appreciate it!" - Bella

Traditional Portraits

An array of modern and casually posed pictures will capture each student's unique personality and personal style. 3 to 4 images per student, including yearbook photo.

Class Composite Portraits

Class Composite portraits can be customized with the school's name and logo, class grade and year, and more!   

Cap and gown class picture 2020

Fun Box Portraits

Fun Box portraits are unique way to showcase the personality of each student. The portraits are available in three forms: a 2x2 box with 4 poses, 3x3 Box with 6 or 9 poses and a Multiplicity Box that can accommodate 5-8 poses. 

Multiplicity Box Portrait

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Class Fun Box Portraits

Looking for a fresh take on the traditional class photo? The Class Fun Box portrait captures the individuality of each child, while creatively showcasing the class as a whole. Bring your class photo to life with a Class Fun Box Portrait. The Class Fun Box portrait requires the same amount of setup space as a traditional school portrait session. 

Ask about Fun Box Fundraising opportunities. 

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Senior/Graduation Portraits

Schedule a Senior/graduation portrait session either ahead of or on the day of the graduation ceremony of your student.  

Team and Individual Sports Portraits

Get custom portraits of all teams and their members that include your school logos and colors. Session are completed on your site, indoor or outdoor. 

Custom Portrait Diplomas

Make graduation a little more special with a custom portrait diploma. Diplomas can include the students' image, name, school logo, colors, and graduation year. 

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Staff Photos

Don't leave faculty and staff out of picture day! They can take a traditional portrait or hop in the Fun Box. Faculty & staff images are included at no additional cost with booked student portrait sessions.   

Student and Staff ID cards

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Open Air Photo Booth

Add some fun to your next school event by adding an Open Air Photobooth. Customize the booth setup by choosing your backdrop, photo prints, and props. A photo booth is the perfect addition to a prom, fundraiser, or school dance. 

Fundraiser Opportunities

We offer several different opportunities to support your school or organization towards meeting your fundraising goals. Please contact us to discuss how we can help. 

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