Fun Box/ Framed Out Portraits

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A unique and fun image series that I call Fun Box Portraits. Fun Box Portraits can be used to creatively capture the essence of an entire family or to uniquely highlight the different sides of a single person. Fun Box sessions are definitely a good time for all involved.       

Toddler Multiplicity Fun Box Picture


This a great image to catch your young ones in all their glory. 

2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 3x5  Fun Boxes

Choice the box layout that matches your need for  size and number of poses. These are great for both individual and family photos. Custom layout can be made to capture more or less poses. 

2x2 Fun Box (4 poses)

Senior Portrait

3x3 Fun Box (6 or 9 poses)

3x3 with Large Box Picture

4x4 Fun Box (12-16 Poses)

Untitled photo

3x5 Fun Box

3x5 Box Session

Retro Box

Untitled photo

Framed Portraits

Untitled photo

NEW - Framed Portraits are another great option for capture the many sides of person in one image. 

Custom Fun Box Sizes/Layouts

Get a custom layout to fit your needs. 

Wedding - Custom 8x5 Box Picture

Book a Session

During your Fun Box session each person gets a chance to hop in the box and strike a pose. You will be lead through various poses but can also get a chance to do own thing. Group shots will also be captured. After the session you can select the Box layouts you want generated. 


+ Fun Box sessions Fee: $100 and include up to 4 family members. $20 each add'n person.
+ Choice Box layouts and receive digital images
+ Prints can be ordered from generated box layouts.

Layout                        Poses   Pricing

2x2 Box                                  4                $50
3x2 Box                               3-6                $50
3x3 Box                               6-9                $75
4x4 Box                           10-16             $100
3x5 Box                             9-15             $100
Multiplicity                        5-10             $100
Retro                                      1                 $25

                 Printing Options                  

     8x8 print - $15                         20x20 print - $40
10x10 print - $18                         24x24 print - $45
12x12 print - $25                         20x30 print - $50
16x16 print - $35                         12x36 print - $55
12x12 print - $25

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