Session Tips

Headshots allow you to put your best face forward — literally! Whether you’ve already got a headshot session booked or you’re contemplating having one done, the below guidelines will help you prepare more adequately.

Wear Clothing That’s Flattering, Modest, and Neutral
There’s a time and a place for that leopard print top or crazy tie, but your headshots will usually require a different aesthetic. We recommend neutral, modest articles of clothing that you feel comfortable in and that are flattering to your complexion and features. Clothing should also be clean and freshly pressed.

Bring a Second Outfit
You’ll likely want to have some variety in choice when choosing your favorite headshot images, so bring a second or third outfit to the session.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum
This is a headshot, so we don’t want to detract from your face. Too much jewelry can lead the eye elsewhere, so it’s best to stick to small and modest pieces if you choose to wear any accessories at all.

Have Your Hair/Makeup Done Professionally
If you were looking for an excuse to get a haircut, blowout, or professional makeup, this is it! Not only does handing that responsibility off to someone else reduce your burden on picture day, but it ensures that you look and feel incredible. (Just a note: light retouching is standard in all of our headshot images. Don’t fret about that zit.)

Make Sure Hair is Out of Your Face
This goes along with the last point, but to ensure we get a good shot you’ll want to keep hair out of your face. If you have bangs they should be trimmed, and if you have long hair that tends to get in the way, you may want to clip some of it back or tuck it behind your ears.

Determine the Ideal Backdrop
Many clients prefer to have their images taken at either their business location, home office, or against a neutral background. Together we can help determine the best place to do your headshots but do think about the general aesthetic you’re going for and relay that to your photographer.

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What to Wear

I've always believed that clothing is an extension of your personality. For those who say, "Who needs clothes to express themselves?" I reply back with, "Who doesn't?!" Fashion is fun. Your body is the canvas, the clothes are your medium and the finished product as you stand in front of the mirror is your masterpiece. That said, figuring out what to wear to your headshot session requires some major thought. After all, those pictures are representation of who you are professionally. Here are five tips to consider when choosing your outfits!

1. For personal professional headshots don't stray far from your personal style. Make sure the outfits you wear are something you’'d wear in your everyday life.

2. For business professional headshots don’t stray far from your everyday business profession style. Make sure the outfits you wear are something you’d wear at work.

3. Pick out a couple different outfits to have more than one look for your headshot photos. I always recommend picking one solid neutral color and then picking one solid brighter color or bolder color option.

4. Accessorize. For men that includes cuff links, belts,, shoes, ties and scarves. For women that means bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, shoes and belts.

5. Give your outfits a test run. try on all of the outfits you are considering, move around in them and make sure they're comfortable and flattering.

Don't be afraid to contact me if you need help. I've got a lot of experience styling my clients and would love to work with you to create the perfect outfit!

Headshot FAQ 

I'm really nervous. Is that normal?
It is definitely normal to be nervous for your headshot session, so don't worry. In fact, I'd wager that about 99% of our clients are nervous when they first get started. However, within five or ten minutes of the session, most people not only feel comfortable, but confident and beautiful.

How do I know how to pose?
We've totally got you covered there. We know all the tips and tricks to create the most flattering angles for men and women of all shapes and sizes. Don't you worry about posing.

I want to use these pictures as my profile picture on my social media pages, is that allowed?
This is a common question and yes you can use your professional headshot photos as your profile pictures.

I want to use these pictures for my business, is that allowed?
This is a common question and yes you can use your professional headshot photos for your business. All of the photos from the headshot session will include a business license that allows you to use them for your business.

Am I allowed to bring more than one outfit?
Yes, we recommend you bringing at least two outfits. What should I bring to my headshot session? For our normal sessions, we suggest two different outfits, three if you're feeling it, and any work related props you may want to incorporate. Work props include: work phone, work laptop, work ID badge and anything else that is work related specific to your position.

What types of pictures will I receive from my headshot session?
We will take a handful of each, full body pictures, half body pictures and close up headshot pictures. We typically will have you smile, put your serious face on and make a more natural face for each type of pose that we do.

Do you do outdoor headshot sessions?
Yes we can shoot your headshot session outdoor, upon your request.

How long does it take to get my photographs back?
We work to have your images to you within 1 to 2 weeks of your session date.

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