FAQ - Rhett Jones Jr Photography


  • Q: Do You Travel?

    A: As part of my packages, travel with in 20 miles in Oakland is included. Additional fee of $50 per 20 miles.

  • Q: How Much Does It Cost

    A: I like to be upfront with all my clients and I know talking about money can be an uncomfortable situation between a photographer and client. Check out the Pricing/ Investment section

  • Q: It Sounded Like You Took Alot Of Shots. How Many Photos Will I Receive?

    A: I take a lot of pride in my work and I want to make sure your images are the best they can be and captures that moment. Since no one can be perfect, like not blinking or smiling when the camera shutter goes off, I take multiple shots. Typically a family/couples session I provide 30+ photos and events will include 50+ per hour.

  • Q: I Love Your Editing, But Can I Also Get The Raw/Unedited Photos

    A: I know you want to see the uneditted photos but you really don't want to see how the sauage is made. I'm hired to provide a professional service and I want to provide the best, finished photos back to you as a client.

  • Q: What if I Only Need a few Photos?

    A: My goal is to take some great photos that capture the special moments that you can look at later. To do this it may take more than a few shots. I'm glad to talk to you more about creating a custom session just for you.

  • Q: When Will I Get My Pictures Back?

    A: I know I'm just as excited about the pictures as you. If you ask my wife, she will tell you i'll nearly skip dinner to start working on the pictures. Typically I can send out a few sneak peak images in a day or two. The remaining will be upload to the site in two weeks. Photo books and calendars will take an additional two to three weeks after the images are uploaded on the site.

  • Q: I Know I Can Get Them Printed Myself Or Made Into An Album, But Can I Pay You To Do That For Me?

    A: No problem. If you do want to order prints and albums from me, let me know and I'm happy to create a custom package for you! Just note that Oakland, California sales tax will be added to your total in such cases (see, I'm just trying to help you out here! and don't worry, it's not tax evasion because California only taxes on physical products).

  • Q: Okay, I'm Interested. How Do I Get On Your Calendar And Book With You?

    A: Go ahead and send your inquiry through my contact form or give me a call (510-482-6789) and we'll chat more about what you're looking for and whether we're a good fit. If you like what you see, then booking is as easy as saving the date with a retainer and signed contact.

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