Covid Safety Precautions For Clients and Photographer

We would like to share the safety requirements we use to maintain the safest environment for both our clients and ourselves.

We will not be doing temperature checks but we assume all clients could potentially be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carriers of COVID-19. Assuming everyone is a carrier we have planned our cleaning and workflow accordingly.  If you know you are currently positive or believe you are currently having symptoms lets discuss rescheduling session to another date.   

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For Outdoor Session:

Camera and lighting equipment will be kept at least 6 feet from clients, and all clients are prohibited from touching any equipment under any circumstance.

Photographers will wear PPE throughout session.  

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For Indoor Session:

Photographers will wear N95 masks and use hand sanitizer throughout session. Seats and props are swiped down with sanitizing wipes between sessions. All clients are prohibited from touching any camera or lighting equipment under any circumstance. 

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