Mentoring in Medicine & Science, Inc.

June 30, 2020

This headshot session came about to help support another parent, Asha Vitatoe whose kids attend the same preschool as my daughter. We randomly were both attending a facebook black business seminar and Asha mentioned the mentoring program she is the director of. Its called Mentoring in Medicine & Science, Inc. and its to goal is to get high school and college students interested into pursuing careers in the medical field. MIMS provides a summer internship program that has various medical speakers and demonstrations throughout the program. I told Asha that I would like to help out by providing free head shots for all the students and staff. 

Due to covid social distancing restrictions we had take extra precautions around shooting the headshots. I was able to setup in a conference room and have students come in one at a time. The students had all looked great. I applied my usual color corrections and skin clean up to each image.  The final images the students received look superb.       

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