First Preschool School Portraits

June 19th, 2020

Cap and gown class picture 2020

I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to take the graduation preschools school portraits at Betty's Children's Academy. My daughter currently attends Betty's and I had been asked by Ms Betty if I wouldn't mind setting up to taking the graduates portraits. Since this is during the Covid-19 restrictions, it was very important that I worn a mask and didn't have the kids touch anything I touched. This portrait sessions well and the kids images looked great. 

Untitled photo

I was able to use each kids portrait images and generated their graduation diplomas for later in the month. This was a fun project to attempt and I think the final outcome are nice. Here is mockup of what the diplomas will look like. 

2020 Class 4x6 Box frame

The final thing I was able to complete as part of this school portrait session was have the kids hop into the Fun box. I made both a class picture and individual Fun box images. I would love to do both the school portraits and box imagesat at more schools. 

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