Covid Porch Portraits

April 2020

Due to covid restrictions I had nearly all of my schedule portrait sessions and event canceled or postponed. I was looking for something I could to allow myself to get out shooting and still remain safe. I saw a few articles about photographers providing Free front porch photo sessions in their neighborhood to capture this crazy time while practicing social distancing. Through the Nextdoor app I sent out a message to see which neighbors would be interested in taking  part in my Porch Portrait project. I anticipate it would only take a few minutes to capture images of each family posing on their porch or front yard while I stayed on the sidewalk or driveway. I had nearly 40 family from around my neighborhood participate over a two week period. I had such a great time getting out and meeting with friends and new neighbors. I think when the pandemic is over and we get to go back to normal times we will have these images to see and remember how this actually but us closer to our neighbors. 

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