12-31-2020 - Fun Box Preschool Class Pictures

     I had the opportunity to take Fun Box pictures for a local preschool. I setup the box, lights and camera in the school playground. Due to covid this was many of the students first time visiting the school since distance learning started in March. To maintain social distancing, the students and their families were scheduled 5 minutes apart over the morning. Everyone had the opportunity to hop in the box for various poses. Between each family the box was wiped down with clorox wipes and masked were worn by all not actively in the box. 

     The final images came out great. The class picture was able to capture a bit of each student's personality along with the schools teachers. Parents were able to either have either solo boxes with there kid or get a family images in 2x2 or 3x3 boxes portraits. The Multiplicity Box portraits really let these kids shine. I myself enjoy developing these multiplicity box portraits.  I definitely look forward to doing more school box portraits.     

Class Fun Box Portrait

2x2 Fun Box (4 poses)

3x3 Fun Box (6 or 9 poses)

Multiplicity Box Portrait

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