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Welcome and thanks for visiting Rhett Jones Jr Photography

My passion for photography began while I was in elementary school after my 6th grade teacher spent a few weeks showing the fundamentals of photography. It wasn't until college that I was able to continue pursuing photography as a hobby. With the birth of my son  I realized that I wanted to be able to capture those special moments of his life. This has lead my passion to capture those special moments for other in my photos.

As a photographer my goal is to capture images in a way that will allow clients years later to look back at and remember that special moment in their life. I strive to provide an image of my clients that's worth not only sharing with family and friends but also to hang on their walls to admire every day.

I believe that capturing those special moments in a person life in an image can bring joy to them and those they choose to share them with well after the moment has passed. 

Rhett Jones Jr

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